endurance chamois cream 100g

endurance chamois cream 100g

Price: $33.95

A long lasting multi-purpose cream to reduce chafing in various parts of the body.

Contains lanolin, shea butter glycerine oils and tea-tree oilto help prevent chaffing and to relieve and soothe frictioned areas.


Apply liberally and evenly for at least five minutes before riding or exercise. Reapply as needed during training or competition.


Witchazel Hydrosol, distilled water, natural lanolin, organic bees wax, natural emulsifying wax, candilla wax, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, glycerine plant derived, star anise, organic bees propolis, organic aloe vera gel, cetyl alcohol, tea tree oil, herbalox, vitamin e.


100 grams

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently updating our store to reflect new packaging in response to our clients feedback. This product is in a 100ml tube and will be replacing our 50ml jar after stocks run out.