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Our Story

The Adelaide Hills Organics Story

Adelaide Hills Organics skin and body care range have been lovingly developed by mother of four and business woman, Melinda Harper, who is living proof of the benefits a natural and organic lifestyle can bring.

For over 20 years Melinda suffered the debilitating effects of coeliac disease. Malnourished and anaemic, an appointment with Swiss naturopath Ursula Notari changed her life for the better. Melinda was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, but thanks to naturopathic guidance, returned to 100% health.

The process ignited a passion for natural and organic products, which led Melinda and her husband Rick, to help develop the Adelaide Hills Organics skin and body care range with Adelaide naturopaths Paul Kern and Ursula. As naturopaths, Paul and Ursula wanted products to recommend to their clients which didn’t contain toxins. The natural Adelaide Hills Organics skin care range was born. As demand for the skin care range grew, the Swiss Wellness Natural Health & Beauty Spa opened to provide clients with a place to de-stress and detox, using the unique Adelaide Hills Organics products. Today the Spa is a blissful place of retreat where people can come to relax and be pampered, assured in the knowledge that only safe and natural ingredients are being used to nurture their skin.


Adelaide Hills Organics Skin and Body Care Products

The Adelaide Hills Organics skin and body care range is made from the finest natural and organic ingredients sourced from around the world. All of the products are designed and manufactured in South Australia by a specialist team of naturopaths, homeopaths and biochemists. Each and every product is designed to improve well-being and appearance naturally.

As demand for our natural and organic product range continues to grow, we’ve expanded throughout Australia and overseas. The Adelaide Hills Organics skin care range is now sold in all states of Australia, and after a world-wide search, was chosen to be the product of choice at the award-winning Spa Botanical retreats throughout Asia.


The Adelaide Hills Organics Philosophy

We are passionate about improving wellbeing and appearance naturally, and caring for the environment so that everyone can enjoy a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Our desire is to inspire people to nurture their bodies. By enhancing our clients’ health and wellbeing, we hope to empower them to live happy and fulfilling lives!

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